LYMYFYR – activities & services

Lymyfyr is a company active in art consulting. The position and role of art in our society is increasing on the social, cultural and economic levels. Art has become an important economic field nowadays. At Lymyfyr we are conscious of this factor and take it into account. This, however, does not make us forget that works of art are not only objects defined and qualified by their market value. Works of art are objects of understanding connecting us to ancient civilisations, to the present world, to the enormous breadth of mankind and its history.

We are also aware that each work of art we choose to become part of our life distinguishes us, sets us apart, describes and delights us.

Lymyfyr has the competence and the networks to consult effectively in the following sectors: acquisition of works of art, the constitution of collections, their study, their distribution, their evaluation, their valorization, their sale, their conservation as well as the conception and the installation of exhibitions.

The setting up and management of important cultural institutions are part of our experience, including feasibility studies of major cultural and artistic projects, the definition of their organizational and functional development as well as programming.

Our experience allows us to become active in various sectors aiming to integrate works of art, of different kinds – from traditional to new media employed by living artists – in urban, natural and landscaped space.

Within those sectors we have an extensive network of professionals at our disposal: artists, art historians, critics, gallerists and dealers, experts, acknowledged and recognised in their specialised fields. In addition to this network is the « art managers » network: restorers, wrappers, shippers, photographers, framers and logistic centres in general.

We offer our competence and knowledge of modern and contemporary art – of the art market, the world of the gallerists, the auction houses – to collectors and those interested in collecting. Studying, managing, preserving, conserving, enriching and re-orienting a collection is at the heart of our profession and is at the same time our passion.